Dumb Kids Playing Hero

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Dumb Kids Playing Hero is an actual-play podcast focused on communal worldbuilding and having fun with friends. It updates weekly on Fridays, and you can find it on your podcatcher of choice, including Spotify.

We play Idiot Teenagers With A Death Wish, a hack of Blades in the Dark by John Harper, a game in which you play shapeshifters fighting a guerrilla war against a parasitic invasion.

This production is a collaboration between The Room Where It Happened and Follow The Leader. Our cover image was created by @bipolyjack on Twitter; you can find more of their art on their website.  All of our music is composed by Bryan of The Room Where It Happened.

The game is, somewhat obviously, lovingly inspired by Animorphs, the children’s book series written by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant in the late 90s/early 00s. Expect a game about paranoia, sacrifice, horror, and endurance. Expect to watch a loose group of friends drawn ever closer together as they fight and shed blood together. Expect some goofs and lightheartedness, and maybe even a few tears.

We meet our heroes in the fall of 2003, on a beach in Boston, laughing and drinking together at a bonfire. In that moment, they did not know what awaited them. They didn’t know that soon, they would meet a dying Prince, and he would change their worlds in an instant. He gives them the knowledge that Earth is in danger. But he gives them power, too. Power enough to win? No. But power enough to fight? Oh, yes. They have the power to slow the invasion, to be the thorn in their enemies’ sides.

They were told that help is coming. They hope that help is coming. And until then?

Until then, they fight.