Luume is a city-state where magic and technology are one in the same. Magic is a common feature of this world, and with the power to harness sunlight and brew tea, power beyond mortal limits is packaged and ready for purchase. Illusionary ads play on billboards as the Guilds take manufactured magic and package it for sale to consumers.

The Guilds call the shots. You are either working for them or you’re being stepped on in their march forward. Even the government, in the form of a parliament, bows to the wishes of the Guilds. The only thing opposing them is each other, as they scramble for market share.

The landscape of Luume takes visual cues from Dickensian, London, with 1920s American and cyberpunk megacities as found in Blade Runner. It is a city that moves and writhes. Not like a living being, but like a machine. Gears are always turning, never stopping regardless of what falls on them as they go. This is how it has been for over a hundred years of progress, but the winds of change are beginning to blow….

Groups of citizens, spurred on by charismatic leaders, are beginning to rise, despite the boot on their neck. Long dead gods pull at the strings while locked in shadow wars against Eldritch entities from beyond understanding. Most importantly, people are beginning to see the vast expanse between them and those at the top.

The Guilds

Elder Tower

The first, and most powerful, Guild started by the elves after their arrival in Luume.

Glittering Oath

The second oldest Guild created by citizens of Luume to compete with Elder Tower. They are generally chasing Elder Tower’s market share and are known for more stylistically interesting products lacking in innovation.

Ki-Rin Collective

Started by Stanton Slayton, they are a collection of research and development specialists from both Elder Tower and Glittering Oath. Their focus is on innovative products that push the limits of magic and technology.

Dust To Dust

The youngest Guild started after a falling out of the siblings of Elder Tower. One sibling voiced disagreement about the stagnation of Elder Tower’s product releases. They function like a research and development facility and are known for interesting and innovative products that are not necessarily useful or affordable.