Tseer Darkfeather


Character art by @seagull_linda.

Race: Aarakocra

Class: Monk (Way of the Open Hand)

Alignment: Chaotic? Good


About Tseer

Tseer is played by Danielle. He grew up on the outskirts of town, on his parents’ farm. They were shepherds, but  wanting more for their son, they hired a traveling monk to teach him how to fight. Soon after, spurred by a desire to make the world a better place, he joined Corra and Tessa in some minor vigilante crime fighting around Luume. Their exploits got him some minor recognition from the Ki-Rin Collective, and he was hired by the guild as a bodyguard. When he saved Ki-Rin CEO Wyatt Vanecroft from what appeared to be an assassination attempt, he was reassigned to Wyatt’s personal retinue. It was more than Tseer had ever dreamed of having, and he found it hard not to think that it was all part of some Grand Design, that Pelor had chosen him for a reason…  If only things had stayed so simple.


For further character insight and motivation, check out Tseer’s Spotify playlist compiled by Danielle.



As an Aarakocra, Tseer is a small bird person. He is 4’7″ and weighs about 60 pounds. His taloned feet and hands are bright yellow with black claws. His beak is dark with a lighter core, and his eyes are intense, bright orange-red. The plumage on his head and back is bluish-grey, while his chest and the underside of his wings are white with dense reddish barring. For almost every occasion, Tseer wears a sleeveless karate gi and cutoff monk pants. He always carries a simple quarterstaff.

Normal Appearance

Formal Wear

**All miniatures are made using Hero Forge.**


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