Ai Ibushi


Race: Halfling

Class: Fighter


First Appearance

Episode 2, “You’ll Have to Pay me to be Your Friend”

Ai initially joined the crew to investigate a Keeper facility that had ties to her past, but she ended up finding something more when Tessa continued inviting her out to lunch.


Additional Information About Ai

  • Ai’s initial involvement in Luume was to be as a minor villain, but things don’t always go how the DM plans.
  • In fact, Ai’s initial (and what Bryan presumed to be her final) appearance happened before we started recording.
  • Growing up, Ai was a big fan of the boy band Two Directions and their top hit “I Want It Another Way.”
  • Our podcast is full of wrestling references. Ai’s last name is a reference to Kota Ibushi from New Japan Pro Wrestling.