Our Cast

Amber (she/her)

Amber considers herself to be an “introverted extrovert.” Although she may be kind of shy and quiet one moment, in the next she’ll lay down a series of ideas or thoughts that come at you rapid-fire. She enjoys playing rogues, and has been known to come up with extremely elaborate backstories for her characters.

Season 1
Subject Zero

Season 2
Fipa Belset

Andrew (he/him)

Andrew is a self-proclaimed rules lawyer. His roleplaying interests mostly tend towards the worldbuilding aspects of things, along with seeing how far he can stretch the mechanics without totally breaking the game. You can find him on Twitter at amageamused.

Orron Stonebrew Kaluakulani
Ishii Kawakatsu
[Kingdom 2]

Annya (they/them)

Annya is a librarian currently studying to get their masters in library science. They enjoy web design (they made this website!), games of all types, and fiber arts. They usually like to play heavy-hitting fighters, since there are fewer mechanics to juggle, and when creating characters they usually like to start with an awesome name (of which they have an entire spreadsheet!). You can find them on Instagram at ameditationofcapybara and on Twitter at akaannya.

Season 1
Corra Linnen-Zulfura
Enix Synth
Elizabet “Izzy” Faulknen
Ada “June” Styles

Season 2
Jazzy “Jaz” Silver

Bryan (he/him)

The GM of this whole situation, Bryan is a burned out nerdy punk with a love for juicy character drama and Haribo Gummy Colas. An RPG player for over 15 years, he’s the one who got our crew together to start a podcast. Bryan is a fan of character-driven stories that encourage players to make interesting character decisions. You can find him on Twitter at roomwherepod.

Any and all NPCs!

Danielle (she/her)

Resident bird person and Hufflepuff, Danielle enjoys games of all kinds, jumping from one hobby to another, and thinking about fictional characters. She generally likes to play simpler martial classes so there aren’t any mechanics to get in the way of her primary goal: making her characters miserable and then making them happy again. When making characters, she likes to start with a general character role or class first, and then come up with a name. You can find her on Instagram at redtailedhawk90, Twitter also at redtailedhawk90, and the games that she writes on Itch.io.

Season 1
Tseer Darkfeather
Mildred Vasquez
Lincoln “Cenan Dawnsword” Faulknen
Jessie Cooper

Season 2
Owain Evans
Graham Come-Rest-By-The-Waters & Palladium

Richard (he/him)

Richard just likes gaming. He’s been playing since basic D&D in the ’70s and loves trying, learning, and mashing together new systems. He’s played thugs, wizards, scoundrels, fluffy bunnies, sanctimonious paladins, net runners, GLITTER boys, archaeologists, and gumshoes. Mostly he loves trying out new character ideas that he hasn’t played before–although Eldritch horror seems to creep into most of his games. You can find Richard on Twitter at corvus_azure.

Season 1
Seshmir Narash
Lashell Ghelfi
Benjamin Carrow

Season 2
Dr. Kerry Moran
Ryo Corso

Shannon (she/her)

Shannon is a professional writer. She loves gaming (both tabletop and the other kind), archery, reading scifi/fantasy novels, and doing fun stuff with her kiddo. You can find her on Twitter at bigmomenergy.

Season 1
Tessa Blackmoor
Love Is Eternal Like The Sky Filled With Stars As The Planets Swirl Above (“Love”)

Season 2
Molly McGhee

Prior Appearances


Liz joined us for our Dread one-shot. She lent her voice to Rosette Askvig. We thank Liz for always being welcoming to our band of misfits taking up her dining room table and for joining us for jenga stress hour.


If you listen to the first few episodes of Season 1, Arc 1, you will hear Mary voicing Sarhiri. Mary joined us for a few missions in the beginning of this crazy journey.