A little about me…

I am the DM of this whole situation. I am a burned out nerdy punk with a love for juicy character drama and Haribo Gummy Colas.


Interview Questions

How long have you been playing tabletop RPGs?

I have been playing some form of RPG for almost 15 years, now.


What is your favorite type of character to play?

I like playing people who have issues and have to manage those issues while also getting the mission done.


What do you enjoy most about DMing with this group?

This group always, always delivers and brings such interesting character choices to the table.


When making a character, where do you generally start?

I focus on the character’s story. To me, stats are just a thing that supports the narrative you create.


Do you have any advice for people who might be interested in either gaming or podcasting (or both) but don’t know where to start?

Just do the thing, either way. If you try to wait for something to be perfect before jumping in, you will never get started. Fix things as you go, do your best, and don’t sweat the details too hard when just starting out.