Character(s) Played

Tseer Darkfeather (main)

Mildred Vasquez (Episode 13, “Kingdom pt. 1: Setup”; Episode 14, “Kingdom pt. 2: The Con”)

Lincoln “Cenan Dawnsword” Faulknen (Episode 11, “Dread pt. 1”; Episode 12, “Dread pt. 2”)

Jessie Cooper (Kingdom Game #2, not yet aired)


A little about me…

– I am a Hufflepuff INFJ… or maybe ISFJ? I’m not entirely sure.

– I definitely put too much stock into personality tests.

– I will proselytize Animorphs until the day I die.

– I love birds. Like, a lot. Most other animals are up there, too.

– I have a permit to possess raptors for educational purposes. There is a red-tailed hawk in my backyard.

– My other hobbies include video games, archery, ballroom dance, and weaving.

– My favorite video games are FF VII and Spyro the Dragon.

– I have a PhD in Chemistry.

– I am a Grade A Internet and Fandom nerd.

– I would pay money to punch Steven Moffat in the nose.


Where can you find me?




Interview Questions

How long have you been playing tabletop RPGs?

TRWIH is technically my first time playing D&D, ever. I played a little bit of homebrew stuff in grad school circa 2013, and I grew up play-by-post roleplaying online, but that is about it.


What is your favorite type of character to play?

Mostly, I play martial classes. In terms of personality, I like to play characters who act first and ask questions later. Also woobies.


What do you enjoy most about playing Tseer?

Tseer is my precious smol birb child who can also beat the shit out of people. What’s not to like?


When making a character, where do you generally start?

I usually start by choosing a class or profession. This is followed closely by a name.


Do you have any advice for people who might be interested in either gaming or podcasting (or both) but don’t know where to start?

When it comes to gaming, get invested in a character. If you make a character that you have fun playing and can really get into the headspace of, everything else becomes easy.