Character(s) Played

Seshmir Narash (main)

Lashell Ghelfi (Episode 11, “Dread pt. 1” & Episode 12, “Dread pt. 2”)

Benjamin Carrow (Kingdom Game #2 – not yet aired)


A little about me…

I just like gaming. I have been playing since basic D&D in the ’70s and love trying, learning, and mashing together new systems. I have an unfortunate habit of dragging Eldritch horror into most games.


Where can you find me?



Interview Questions

How long have you been playing tabletop RPGs?

I am not sure how I first heard about tabletop RPGs, but I started playing in 1978 with the blue box set of Basic D&D with a group of elementary school classmates every day at lunch.


What is your favorite type of character to play?

Simply put: Yes. To elaborate: I like playing them all. Thugs, wizards, scoundrels, fluffy bunnies, sanctimonious paladins, net runners, GLITTER boys, archaeologists, and gumshoes. I love trying out new character ideas that I have not played before. Some click and some don’t, but I like trying them.


What do you enjoy most about playing Seshmir?

I enjoy the struggle of balancing player knowledge vs character knowledge.  Because I know the truth of all the crap I have saddled him with, it is a constant challenge to stay true to Seshmir and advance him without skipping ahead.


When making a character, where do you generally start?

I start by deciding the basic class I want to play. Everything builds out from there.


Do you have any advice for people who might be interested in either gaming or podcasting (or both) but don’t know where to start?

Do it. Find a group, go to a con, or whatever. Just try playing. You will find things you like and things you don’t, but try it and have fun. If you fall in with a group that doesn’t work for you, then find a new one. The number of people playing RPGs these days is staggering. You will find a group that works for you, and you’ll have a great time. The same goes for podcasting. This whole thing is new to me, and frankly, it freaks me out and keeps me up at night. However, it has also been the most involved and engaging game I have played in years. Recording certainly raises the intensity and the need to be truly involved in the game at all times.