Corra Linnen-Zulfura


Character art by @seagull_linda.

Race: Tiefling

Class: Cleric, Rogue

Alignment: Lawful Good


About Corra

Corra is played by Emilee. She is a devout follower of Ioun. After cleric college, Corra worked for The Keepers for a few years handling administrative tasks. During this time, she began to feel like she wasn’t having enough of a positive impact on the world, so she started a small group with Tessa and Tseer built to help eradicate problems in the city.

This group lasted for a while, but Corra still felt like her actions were not having a large enough impact. Wanting her voice to be heard, Corra joined the political scene. She rose through the ranks and became the personal assistant to Benedict General, a politician with whom she shared many viewpoints. Her ultimate dream was to one day become a leader and advocate for those without a voice. Those like her.

Corra’s plans were on a steady path, and she was becoming more successful in her field every day. Until one day she was contacted by a strange man to investigate a robbery. This sounded suspiciously similar to her old vigilante work, and Corra was hesitant to accept. However, she was unable to say no to someone needing help. She joined Tessa and Tseer again, along with several other new faces, to investigate this crime.

When we pick up with Corra and the gang, they have begun an investigation for a missing elf, and to their horror, they think they might have found them…


For further character insight and motivations, check out Corra’s Spotify¬†playlist compiled by Emilee.



Corra is 28 years old. She is 5’8″ and a fairly average build. She has bright golden eyes and stark white hair that falls to her shoulders. As the story progresses, she lets her hair grow out and begins tying it back in a low pony-tail. She also colors a strip of her hair blue to match Otto’s. Her demonic traits include long, spiraling, bone-colored horns; a thick, dark-colored tail, and hooved feet with brown fur. For the first part of the story, her dress is business casual, wearing vests and button downs. She later changes her attire for a more relaxed, jogger-chic style with bright tank tops and flowered leggings.

Season 1, Arc 1


Season 1, Arc 3


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