DKPH Characters

Adrian (he/him) – The Heart

A talented sprinter and track star–here on scholarship–he is nonetheless quiet and reserved. He is incredibly shrewd and can always tell when someone is lying to him. Will he be the rock his friends need, or will he fracture under the pressure?

Ariel (she/they) – The Berserker

A confident, athletic, brash, kickboxing athlete, and is just as likely to start a fight as finish one. But true battle is miles away from sport. When she first spills blood, will she falter, or will she shine?

Jude (he/him) – The Scout

A goth boy with a sweet heart, kind and soft-spoken. Born to a rich family, he shied away from college and instead became a janitor at the local aquarium. When the invasion hits too close to home, will he stand and fight, or will he run?

Dante (they/he) – The Technician

A practical-minded and quick-thinking transplant from Seattle. An elite hacker attending MIT, will they be able to outmaneuver their enemies, or will they lead their friends to their deaths?

Benny (he/him) – The Strategist

His family runs a fishing business, and he’s next in line to be CFO. Equally whip-smart and willing to get his hands dirty, there’s more to him than meets the eye. Will his plans match up to an alien invasion, or will he be too clever for his own good?

Kel (they/them) – The Technician

An MIT student and conspiracy theorist, they’re kind yet practical. They’re also pirate radio operator broadcasting about the invasion in secret. Will they be able to air the truth, or will they be sucked into a secret war unlike any they’ve imagined?