Tessa Blackmoor


Character art by @seagull_linda.

Race: Human

Class: Paladin (oath of vengeance), Shadow Sorcerer

Alignment: Chaotic Good


About Tessa

Tessa is played by Shannon. She was from a poor family living in the slums of Luume. In the last attack of its kind in the city’s history, a group of necromancers descended on her tenement and killed and turned her entire family. Tessa alone escaped, and she still doesn’t know how or why. She lived on the streets for a year before she was taken in by Kravitz, the high priest of the Raven Queen in Luume. She trained as a paladin and eventually joined the Keepers in what she thought was their quest to eradicate necromancy and protect the people of Luume. Instead, she became the literal poster child of the Keepers, a public face and recruitment tool. In her boredom and desperation to fulfill her purpose, she joined Tseer and Corra in some vigilante justice work. When our podcast begins, Tessa is chaffing under the inaction she perceives at the Keepers. She has asked Keeper leadership for something, anything useful to do, and was refused. And a former enemy, Ai Ibushi, made known to her the story of Ai’s father, who was another Keeper figurehead before his death in mysterious circumstances. Ai and Tessa form an alliance…and something more.


For further character insight and motivation, check out Tessa’s Spotify playlist compiled by Shannon.



Tessa starts the podcast with long, flowing black hair. Her eyes are blue. She is tall and pale and beautiful, wearing stunning plate armor from the Keepers that has never seen action. Later in the podcast, when her circumstances change, she cuts her hair short and swaps the plate for splint armor that can be worn under clothing, and a cloak with hood and mask to cover her face.

Season 1, Arc 1

Season 1, Arc 2

**All miniatures are made using Hero Forge.**


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