The Bleed


What if the Fast and the Furious, but in Appalachia, but in space?

Thousands of years ago, settlers left Earth for a distant star system to start a new life. They wanted to leave behind the rigid laws of their home and create something of their own. Something a little more free, a little more distant. A little more…entrepreneurial. They never expected their way back would be closed off, trapping them suddenly without any support.

They made their life here, spreading through the star system and growing to fit these new niches they made for themselves. It didn’t take long for them to divide it up: the Core, the Mezzo, the Bleed. It took even less time for them to start taking advantage of each other.

The civil war between the Core and the Bleed was inevitable, really.

It’s been ten years since that war ended, and old wounds run deep. The Core patrols the Bleed to make sure they don’t get any ideas in their heads again, and the Bleed continues to be beholden to the various factions which have managed to scrape together some modicum of power.

But someone is stirring the waters.

Meanwhile, one ragtag group is just trying to make ends meet.