Subject Zero


Character art by @seagull_linda.

Race: Half Vampire

Class: Rogue (shadowdancer)

Alignment: Lawful Good


About Zero

Zero is played by Amber. She was born in the inner city of Luume to poor parents and lived a blessed, happy life assisting her parents in selling their meager vegetables and various produce. She would spend days counting the produce, and one particular customer would even make her count the individual grains of rice. Thanks to him, she always hated rice, but she could not come to hate the man. This continued on for years; that is, until her father gained an unfortunately large debt to the Ki-Rin Collective. Her parents were fortunate when the “kind” Stanton Slayton proposed their daughter become a live-in worker at his estate, and in exchange, their debt would be paid. As Mr. Slayton was well established in the Ki-Rin Collective, her parents were quick to agree.

Things were going mostly well for her – minus the occasional, or not really so occasional, angry outburst by Stanton. She learned to stay out of his way and not ask questions, and before long, she fell into a daily routine. This changed once Stanton started becoming crazed. He began performing experiments that left no doubt in her mind that Stanton was pure evil. The series of torturous experiments and ghastly tests broke her memory and transformed her body. She soon lost her recollection of everything, from her parents to her own name, and Stanton simply called her Subject Zero, loving to use it as a way to remind her she was nothing.

As the tests became more intense, Zero’s once porcelain skin took on a purple tint, her short stature changed to a tall, slender build, and her hair grew longer overnight. To make matters worse, Zero’s trauma had manifested in an obsessive need to count grains of rice to completion. She could not stop, even under the presence of harm. She dreamed of escaping this horrible place and finding out who she was. Why was she here? Where were her parents? Why could she not remember their faces? Zero dreamed of the day she could escape this place and prayed it wouldn’t be in death.

One day, while one of Stanton’s lackeys performed the standard “experiments” on her, the lights suddenly flashed out. Panic set in. Zero hated the dark and wanted out. She wanted free, and suddenly, she was. Unaware of how she had gotten free,  Zero worried that she had lost time again. The alarm was blaring and the dim red light was flashing, illuminating the man for a brief moment before he faded to a dark grey. The man looked slightly stunned before a grimace of anger emerged. He approached her, yelling something like “stop” or “what the hell.” She doesn’t remember much, just the snap, as she panicked and reached out to stop his grasping hands from catching her. He went limp.

Oh god. Oh god! What-What the hell had she done, and why wasn’t the man heavy anymore? Wait, no, back to the main point. She had just killed someone! The panic turned into a full blown hyperventilation blowout until she finally calmed down and convinced herself that he was just sleeping. She had put him to sleep. No biggy! Zero threw a cloth over the “sleeping” guy and, finding the door unlocked, got the hell out of dodge as fast as she could. When she was finally out and could catch her breath, Zero realized she was finally free and could work on getting some answers. She didn’t know where she was going, only that she hoped the direction she went lead to help and people that might know her story.

Zero found herself in a dark abandoned alley outside a very lovely shop, and well, she didn’t have much in the way of clothes, if you could call the rags she wore clothes. In a wisp of shadows, Zero was in the store, and after only a moment of shocking adrenaline-fueled excitement, she had selected a set of nice clothes, discarding the rags and, with them, some of the weight of her trials. Zero traveled back out the way she had come, and with that settled, she began to feel a hunger beyond words. Every fiber of her being strained as she felt the presence of every person, every mouse, every living thing, in the alley. She had to make a choice, and she did not like any of her options…



Season 1, Arc 3

**All miniatures are made using Hero Forge.**